Miners Story Project

camera-stabilizer-wedding-videoEvery girl waits for her wedding day, where she will look the best. Every one strives to have a perfect wedding and do whatever it takes it make it a dream come true. Along with that, everyone wants to capture the best day and keep it to themselves for the rest of their life. Since the time photography was introduced to man, it’s been a ritual to take snaps of the all the important people present in the wedding. However with advanced technology, people are now turning to videography. Taking a video of a wedding helps capture all rituals step by step without letting out any important event. Gone are the days when wedding videography was plain and did not contain any effects as it was shot only a video camera without using any high-tech videography gear. Today there is demand for various styles of videography. Some of the common styles of videography include video journalistic style where segments are organised in the best way possible for continuity. Cinematic style is another type of wedding videography style where wedding is edited in a manner to give it a dramatic look. Some of the things are very necessary for wedding videography. It includes camera stabilizer, a professional camera, DSLR camera or digital single-lens camera, videography gear and image stabilizerCamera stabilizer is used for holding camera in one place so that the video is free from any camera shakes. DSLR in contrast to a photographic film is a digital camera which combines optics of a single lens reflex camera. The one thing which differentiates DSLR from any other digital cameras is reflex design scheme. Image stabilizer is one of the most important things used in wedding videography. It makes wedding video blur-free. All these things will ensure a nice video of wedding which will cherish all the beautiful memories of one’s wedding. Along with what styles to be used in wedding videography, people can even choose what events they want to include in their wedding video. Some demand video to have their love story included in it, some want to have bridal elegance in it, while some opt for video montage. Whatever style one chooses, they can be very sure that they will have a good end product for themselves which they will like to hold on forever.