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filmmaking-camera-stabilization-systemIt doesn’t matter if you are shooting a low budget film or if you are shooting a blockbuster movie, using a camera stabilizer is a very good investment. There are many reasons to use a camera stabilizer system and one of them is that it saves time and money. Imagine that you are in location and you have to get in a very intense shot, but yet it requires you to get it at different angles. Now most likely you will need to move from one place to another. This can cost you some time and money, especially of the shot doesn’t work out and you need to reshoot the scene. With a stabilizer you won’t have the problem. It will pick up many different angles without you having to worry if the shot cleared or not. A stabilizer is not that heavy either. So using one will cut down on the pain and agony that your back and head go through. Some shots will require a person to bend and stretch in different ways to get it. But with a stabilizer this issue will be cleared up. Most stabilizers also come with microphones and mounting plates, or a dolly if you prefer. These accessories make it possible to pick up those hard to get background noises that may be essential to your film project. If you need to tilt the camera upward or downward to get a clear shot of something, all you have to do is tilt the arm and you’ll be fine. There are three types of camera stabilizers that are considered the best to use. The first one is called the Moose Rig and it comes with two rotating arms. The second is the Prime DSLR Rig and it can support up to 8 pounds, including it’s own attachments. The third is known as the Sniper 1080 KS. It works really well with your iphone and getting live feed and footage.