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sports-camera-stabilizers Camera stabilizing systems includes an inner camera support that has a roll axis to offer stability on image making. They do so by isolating the film maker movements form the camera. This allows both professional and amateur film-makers to make great shots even in the most unstable environments and uneven surfaces. Although tripods are commonly used to stabilize camera movements, camera stabilizing systems combines the stabilized steady footage provided by conventional tripod mount with an additional ability to use other camera accessories such as strobes and microphones in all circumstances. These camera accessories achieve this by smoothly following the videographer or film maker movement while absorbing any jerks, shakes or bumps much better than tripods. Today in the market, there is a wide variety of camera stabilizing system that any videographer or film maker can choose from. Each of these brands has some unique features and merits that are tailored to meet the diverse needs of the various users. Let us examine the top three of these camera stabilizers. Prime DSLR rigs. For any professional video-grapher or film-maker using 5d mark 2, canon 60D, 5D mark 3, or Canon 7D, then the best choice for him is the prime DSRL rig. This camera stabilizer has the ability to support up to 7.5 pounds of DSLR cameras, in addition to its accessories. It has an adjustable quad-pod stabilizing platform, an easy to handle design and an airplane-grade anodized aluminum cover. This type of camera stabilizer can also work well on most camera model made by Panasonic. Sniper 1080 KS. This model is a specially engineered POV rig which if paired with DSLR such as Cannon Rebel guarantees a filmmaker that he will capture up-close footage from different angles. Moreover, it comes with a quick release plate which is easy to break down and store. Moose rig This is one of the best cameras stabilizing system for any film maker or videographer. It makes use of two articulating arms to provide a very strong and easy to handled rig that has the capability to support up to 17 pounds of camera and its accessories. So, for any professional or amateur videographer or film-maker using ultra professional cameras such as Red Epic or Red Scarlet this camera stabilizer offers one to the best solution for him or her.