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handheld steadicamDigital video camcorders have made filming and editing a movie a simple task for many. A few years ago, there were only limited options, but not anymore. You can now go easily go to stores selling one in store with various models of camcorders and any videography gear you need for filming. The difficult part is choosing the one that rightly fits your purpose and budget. The bigger the display size, the more you can see of what you are recording. At the same time it will draw more battery power too. Documenting the details digitally on to a tape or DVD or hard disk and playing them repeatedly without any mistake in quality are the major plus points of digital camcorders. They create great quality, color and clearness of the video with 500 lines of resolution making the option of shooting videos with digicams irresistible. Digital zoom enlarges the image and it magnifies the particular pixels to get the maximum zoom. The final picture is thus grainy in certain sections and lack clear definition. This blurring of picture due to enlargement of pixels is called pixelation. Most video cameras have the option to turn it off. It is not a very excellent feature and you can manage to ignore it when choosing a camcorder. A high digital zoom rating is amazing in figures but the images documented are virtually pointless. For shooting a good video, you have to hold the camcorder steady and it should be shake free. Camcorders have in built stabilization techniques which correct errors due to camera shake while shooting. The two types of stabilization techniques are Optical method and the Electronic method. In the electronic image stabilization technique the camcorder’s internal computer shifts the image digitally in the other direction of the shake. This is done by slightly zooming in on the image. Poor electronic techniques may cause loss of sharpness or resolution. In the Optical image stabilization technique, a part of the lens is moved in the camcorder to make up for the shake. This technique is better than electronic method. The best way to get a steady video shoot would be to use camcorder with tripod. A small compact camcorder is handy to carry without doubt but check out whether it is easy for you to handle the controls too. Don’t compromise on usability. If you are able to see and work all the main controls with less trouble, it will be easy for you to get the desired pictures with using handheld steadicam.