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stabilize-video-stabilizerFor the amateur, choosing the right camera stabilizers for professional video or photo shooting can be a daunting experience. You should first determine what you are shooting. If you want to get the look of a feature film, then both Standard definition and High definition can look professional. However, each have their advantages and disadvantages. Using the right camera track dollies and slide camera stabilizers will determine the quality of videos or photos produced. A small standard MiniDV camcorder is the best way to start. You do not necessarily require to shoot high definition. Focus, composition, framing and camera movements are the basic skills required. The standard definition will be cheaper, easier to share with other people, and you can edit using your computer. To avoid shaky footage results, consumer grade cameras stabilized dollies enhance stabilized cinematography. Add interest and smooth your moves to your shots with track dollies and gliding camera stabilizers. First, get familiar with the options available for camcorder stabilization and smooth movement. Then examine the impact these products will have on the look of your footage. Tripods are the most common stabilization tools for making rock solid shots. It enables you to pivot the camcorder side to side or up and down. Dollies are a set of wheels connected to a tripod used to change the position of the camcorder. Dollying’ is a term used when the film maker wishes to bring the subjects closer without use of a zoom lenses. Gliding camera stabilizers dollies attach the camcorder to a harness worn by the operator for free movement while the camera remains steady. The resulting shots appear as if the camcorder is rolling on tracks. This is of particular interest while filming in limited space areas where dollies cannot move freely.