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video-camera-stabilizing systemAny device or attachment used to externally stabilize video footages or images is called a camera stabilizer. In still photography the tripod is the stabilizer. In video photography there are many kinds of stabilizers. These attachments help produce smooth looking video even if the camera or its operator is in motion. Homemade ones available on online DIY sites can cost as little as $14 while professional ones are available from about $600 to even $1500. For the amateur there are a number of mid range options available both in quality and price. A camera slider or track slider helps a camera move without breaks, jumps or vibrations. They are available in various models and can be wall mounted too. They normally have a removable camera carriage and a bubble level to measure evenness. Some models come with multiple tripod mounting and height adjustable legs. Revo and Cinevate Inc are companies that manufacture a variety of camera slider models. A model like the Slider Plus v2 is very useful for the film maker. It is compact enough to carry around and can be extended while shooting. One can get twice the amount of in/out dolly shots compared to the regular slider. This adds a great deal to the production quality of the film. In jib cranes a horizontal member (jib or boom) supports a movable hoist which holds a camera. It can also swing through an arc to give a more lateral movement. This technique has been used since the dawn of film making. It has been basically used to get shots from above. It used to be manually operated and required an experienced operator. Today this camera crane stabilizer has become compact, user friendly, cost effective and versatile. ProAm products like DVC200 hold almost all MiniDV camcorders, are easy to set up and the movements are really smooth. For hands free stable, smooth video photography the rig camera is a very good option. The shoulder support rig stabilizes the camera. This gear is particularly useful for the documentary and journalistic film maker allowing them to access even restricted areas while shooting. The Revo SR1000 is a prime example of such a stabilizer. It is ergonomically designed, lightweight and it is forward, backward as well as height adjustable. Professional cameras of course require more advanced stabilizers. The Glidecam XR2000, hand held camera stabilizer and the Varizoom Stealthy Camera Support are most popular amongst professional film makers and photographers.