New Planetarium Show

wedding-videographer-camera-stabilizerA camera stabilizer is a mechanical contraption that is used to keep the camera is kept steady while shooting is ongoing. This ensures that the image or video shot is steady and eliminates the shaking that comes with the difficulty of keeping the camera steady by hand. Why is it necessary to have a camera stabilizer? It enables shooting of professional videos and photos by keeping the camera steady. This is how professional photographers and videographers are able to produce high quality images and videos and prevent shaky footage and blurring. Types of stabilizers for camera. The simplest form of stabilizer is the tripod. This is a three legged camera mount that is used where shooting is occurring in one particular direction and there is no need to move the camera around to get the shot. A more advanced setup is the Steadicam. This is made of a camera rig which has a vest harness that the cameraman wears. This eliminates the motion picture camera’s movements from those of the cameraman. It enables shooting of a smooth video even where there is a lot of motion and the ground surface is uneven. There are quadpod rigs that are mainly used for DSLR photography. These are designed to ensure that the lens which is usually the larger portion of the DSLR is kept stable while taking high speed photos of a scene. There are special dolly rigs that are used to enable shot tracking within a wide scene area with different levels of shooting. This is what is used to shoot videos set inside a house where there is movement up and down different floor levels. Additional equipment. There is equipment that you will need for professional shooting, the camera slider. This is a rig that enables you to shoot fluid tracking shots. These are shots where you start from a close angle and move out or vice versa. They allow you to highlight a scene or particular scene element.