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hollywood-style-camera-stabilizerThe new MoVI by Freefly is a custom gimbal and tri-axis gyroscope camera stabilizer which keeps the camera steady with digital technology. This amazing gadget could reinvent camera stabilizers as we know them. it is light and mobile which is totally different than the huge metal contraptions that we are used to for camera support and stabilizing. If you have ever used a video camera, or even taken still shots, you know how hard it is sometimes to keep steady and get a great shot or video that is not choppy and shaky. A smooth glide is a trademark of a great production. Stabilization is what some entire companies are based on, they make huge and very pricey equipment to sell to Hollywood for TV and movies as well as private production companies. These monstrous stabilizers can cost thousands of dollars. They use heavy weights and counterweights to stabilize the camera in order to achieve the smooth glide in a quality film. These can cost upwards of $15,000 for the basic setup. The cost of these heavy duty stabilizers keeps them from most small businesses or individuals who simply cannot afford the price tag, Now with newer technology coming out such as the MoVI which is also quite pricey, the older versions will trickle down and prices will greatly be lowered.  The exciting thing about the MoVI, even if it will be out of many people’s price range, the technology is simply amazing. First it weighs less than 4 pounds! It is compact and easily portable. It is based a gyroscope technology making it simpler to stabilize the camera without weights, arms and all the other attachments needed with current stabilizers. The MoVI will be able to be used with a handheld as well as a Steadicam or it can be mounted. This new wave of future technology in stabilization will definitely be a huge hit with film makers.