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hd-camera-stabilizerI know you’ve done it. You’ve caught that perfect moment on your smartphone camera, a picture that’s sure to preserve this memory for generations. You eagerly open the picture to look at your masterpiece only to realize that in your extreme excitement, you tapped the “take picture” button a little too eagerly and the picture came out blurry beyond recognition… For the over eager, trigger happy person that can’t keep a steady finger, consider acquiring a camera stabilizer for your smartphone.  What the heck is a camera stabilizer? It is a device that helps you keep your smartphone, camera, videography gear, or any other media capturing device steady as you point and shoot your beautiful picture/video. It also allows you to capture quality images at different positions, angles, and situations. Below are 3 key benefits of this must-have accessory: 1) Stability. Just as the name suggests, this is the primary advantage of having a camera stabilizer. Gone are the days of planting your feet, stiffening your shoulders, and holding your body completely still as you carefully and gingerly tap that “take picture” button. Also gone are the days when you plant your arm against your side, like your arm is in a cast, as you try to keep your hands completely still. The only thing you have to worry about now is how to keep your cat in that super cute pose. 2) Positioning. You can now take pictures low to the ground, up in the air, or at awkward angles without getting a hernia or a shoulder strain. Since the stabilizer has a handle with an adjustable, lockable arm, you can tilt the arm down, up, sideways, or at any angle needed to satisfy your directorial tastes. Also, you no longer have to stress about your fingers photobombing your beautiful pictures. 3) Professionalism. If you use your smartphone not only for quick informal pictures of your hello kitty but use it for ultra-important uses such as selfie pictures uploaded to Facebook or videos to YouTube, you need all the help you can get. Not only does this steady-gear help you take more professional pictures, it will make you appear more professional as well. Which consequently will be reflected by the additional likes you will get.