diy camcorder stabilizerEvery photographer has a dream to click with a DSLR. And this dream is not obviously meaningless. DSLR is the best gadget that a photographer can get. In almost every aspect, the camera sliders is completely worthy to get. It has the best features among all the cameras, can shoot the best quality of photographs, can last for a long period of time and also it is quite affordable in comparison with the features. One of the most wonders of DSLRs is the follow focus. Follow focus is really light in weight and it helps in the focusing using multiple lenses. It is really cheap and its size is so small that it can be carried in the pockets. Follow focus is really helpful in the movie making applications of the DSLR. Follow focus is extremely user friendly and due to the absence of the perpendicular hand issue, it is really comfortable to use. A camera stabilizer is another important accessory for the DSLR camera. The shaking of the camera while holding in hand results in blurred images and also it is uncomfortable to carry the camera on the shoulders. But these issues can be avoided with the help of a handheld steadicam. DSLR Kit-10(C) Shoulder Mount not only gives the padded comfort to your shoulder, it also gives firm mounting support to the camera while clicking and thereby decreasing the shaking effects. DSLR matte box is another great accessory which helps in the light & lens related problems. While using the DSLR cameras, the problems in changing the filters of the lens or the unwanted lens flares create much nuisance. Matte box is the best solution for such lens problems. The matte box are used to shoot the video movies in the real world and hence the matte box has large popularity among the video photographers. DSLR matte box should obviously be bought by photographers and videographers, because it not only gives a fine image quality but also it is much user friendly and has a high longevity. DSLR cameras are somewhat costly and sensitive to the damages. To protect the cameras from the hazards, a 9 cage is extremely essential for the DSLR. A common 9 cage is built in such a manner that it can give a high protection to the camera holding it even for the fall from a high ground. A DSLR user must incorporate a 9” cage for the safety of his camera.