camcorder stabilizer footageThe dolly shot may be the mark of a professional video. This smooth camera movement can simply raise a production’s value with audiences. Even so, experienced dollies and cranes are pricey to rent. It’s feasible to produce your own, but these take up time and room to set up and are not always practical. So, how can you add a dolly shot for your videos with out utilizing a dolly? Just use your tripod. And it is best to surely look into the tripod dolly that Justin Leyba of Imagine Now Entertainment whipped up applying nothing more than a couple of furniture sliders.1: Get the best Tripod – So that you can produce dolly variety moves, you will need a tripod which has a fluid head. These kinds of heads allow you to pan and tilt the tripod in order that the movement is extremely smooth. It gently feathers in and out with the moves you carry out. Additionally, it gives some resistance, which tends to make it easier to carry out the move at a continuous speed. Anyone who is significant about videography ought to invest within this type of tripod. Use the Tripod to make a Dolly Move – You are able to use your tripod to make dolly in and dolly out moves for your shot. First, position the tripod to ensure that one leg is directly beneath the lens, though the other two are extended behind camera. When you lean forward on the tripod, you want to be tilting the camera up simultaneously to ensure that it is actually continually level. This creates a shot that looks like the dolly was being pushed forward though the camera was booming down. You may reverse this shot by leaning backwards with the camera and tilting down. You may only make dolly in and out moves with the tripod. You can not create a dolly left or dolly appropriate move. They don’t seem to differ much from cheaper alternatives that you could get from Amazon or your local hardware store. Some with the shots are a bit shaky, but for the most part they are smooth and dynamic. I could see this getting especially useful in cramped interiors where a dolly track might not be feasible to setup. Conversely, unless you’re shooting MOS or stick felt sliders for your tripod feet, there is probably going to become a significant amount of noise when the plastic sliders are scraping over a hardwood or tile floor, and if you’re on concrete, you’re pretty much going to require to have a roll of carpet handy. So it’s not a perfect solution; there are definitely situations where it would be better to use dolly wheels/track of some sort, but it looks like a nice cheap and effective option to have in your kit.