camera-mount-glidegearQuite often, most sports photographers are not aware that the resulting photo blurs are as a result of camera shake. As consumers become more and more aware, they are now reverting to use the camera stabilizer system to capture the best moments in vivid clarity. The inbuilt images stabilizers assist capture clean photos confidently without worrying about getting the blurred images. Whether it is for an amateur or a professional video project, the stabilizer systems comes in very handy. They are user friendly and one only needs to press the shutter button to get a quality image. Handheld camera stabilizers will just ensure that one gets quality images during any sports photography. Stabilizer Technology. Technology in photography evolves and advances rapidly. Today, photography is not just a hobby but a profession. Photos are very critical for product promotion, social media marketing, sharing amongst friends or to keep for future memory of a special event. Its importance has led to the development of image stabilizer technology in latest DSLR cameras which captures images at a much lower shutter pace. Images can be captured at very low light situations but still yield very high recommendable quality. Like for instance, a built-in image stabilization feature in the camera comes with sensors to detect camera shake and other unwanted movements. Different image Stabilizer Requirements. The stabilizer reduces motion blur during handheld photography by eliminating camera shake. The stabilizer system is good for taking panned shots. The image as viewed on the screen is steadier resulting to more precise composition. The camera stabilizer system has in no doubt revolutionized the photography field. Even amateurs can effectively cover a video shooting or photo shooting and give quality results. It is now established that the handheld stabilizer is the preferred system for getting quality, sharp, clear and blur free images.