dslr stabilizerNow it is no longer strange to see people carrying video cameras at various events. Yup, this device is no longer dominated by professionals and filmmakers only. With the compact and minimalist design, plus features and functions that easy to operate, the video camera more ‘friendly’ to the amateur and hobbyist videography users. One portable video camera that becomes famous today is camcorder (camera and video recorder). This device is a type of digital videocam that comes in a variety of sizes and capabilities. If you buy a new camcorder or doing videography hobby and use this device, here some method to create a video that does not look ‘normal’ and ‘amateurs’. although your camcorder has built-in camera stabilization, you should use a tripod to keep the camera stable so that it can produce better video picture and not shaky. One mistake in making video process is recording of a scene that is too long or otherwise transfer between scenes that are too fast. Record your subject for 10-20 seconds, stop and take another picture. When doing panning and zooming, do it slowly, smooth and unhurried. This will make it more comfortable video watching. Before recording, note the position of the subject and the background, whether you want it to. Do as well as taking photographs. As a guide, use the Rule of Thirds. I.e. imagine the screen is divided into two horizontal and vertical planes. Make sure the subject will be recorded on one of the 4 point of intersection between the horizontal and vertical lines. This will make a more dynamic, especially when you make video interviews or doing close up. Of course, this is not set in stone, because you are also free to make other creative composition. Most camcorders cannot produce good pictures if at the time of recording with minimal lighting. To fix this, you can take advantage of natural light while shooting outdoors. For better results, you should do an outdoor shoot in the morning or late afternoon, when the sun is not too high. If you have to shoot indoors, make sure the room has adequate lighting. As with open windows, turn on the lights, and use the built-in light on a camcorder stabilizer. Without adequate audio equipment it is difficult to get a video with high sound quality. Some camcorder is equipped with a built-in microphone, but mike will record audio from different directions. So if the interview subject in a crowded place, his voice will not be heard clearly. So make sure your camcorder has an audio input, for attaching external mike. It’s fun to play around with special effects features that exist on the camcorder. But this will not make you look more cool videos. We recommend that you create certain effects in the video through the editing process using the software. So you can do a better transition control with a varied choice of special effects and by that you can achieve steady images. Thus, you will not lose the original video material. Videos must have good storylines intact, i.e. opening, contents and cover. Then some idea that you should do before you are recording, you must already have plans which will be recorded in the form of a simple storyboard. Last is treating camcorder that is not easily broken so it can be used for a long time. Clean the lens and the screen with a special soft cloth. Avoid heat, sand, water and moist air. And put it in a safe place so as not to fall. If damaged, immediately repair at authorized repair service.