homemade camera slidersWhen camera stabilizers becomes important in landscape photography, people seem more concerned about how photography is not to discuss the issue camera stabilizers, there is no article to deliberate too much emphasis on the importance of these photography and videography gear, all the time in discussing photography Incidentally. In fact, buy a good quality equipment that is reasonably good use with any camera, not only can be used for more than ten years are not bad, but also for photography, it is definitely something and a half times the things work. With really paying attention to and understand the role of a camera sliders are generally semi-professional photography for beginners, all shot in real time out, especially when shooting into the mountains, would not want a stabilizer that is a burden. And there are many photographers would rather back a few more do not want to carry a stabilizer, if it is absolutely true professional photographers to bring it, because only professional photographers really understand the effect of the start to the finishing touch. Even in well-lit environment, the lens focal length without the use of slow shutter speed values, there is no guarantee the resolution with handheld shooting. Adjust the lens focal length, aperture, shutter speed, especially when you press the shutter moves in a slight jitter when absolutely unavoidable, plus a variety of different environments in the various temporary situation will let you reduce the stability of hand-held camera, in case of volatile winds, intermittent rain, the road’s uneven, bustling tourists, you will feel at these times there will be if there is a tripod to overcome environment of instability. I did experiment with many photographers: use 105 mm lens, adjust the shutter at 1 / 125 second shutter speed so fast, respectively, using a tripod and do not use a tripod to shoot the same photo, it will magnify it to the same the size of the photo size, visual clarity is almost as much difference to the double. Many photographers have a common saying: No steadicam, do not shoot scenery.