camcorder-stabilizerThe day when camera was invented human has added one more feather in his hat. With camera he can now visualize himself or various peoples and things. It was a big jump for humans, and it becomes gradually day to day companion of mankind. Camera has made various events and historical features recording possible. Camera has traveled a lot from the day of its invention. And now with latest technology camera has turned into a magical box that can store and capture images along with moving images called as video. Various high tech cameras are available today either small or big for individual or commercial use. Individual cameras can be handled by anyone, in the other hand commercial cameras needs certain skills to operate. When using camera for different purpose like films, movies and various documentary projects it requires a professional to operate with the help of certain camera stabilizers.  Camera stabilizers are very important camera accessory that stabilizes its position and make easy handling possible. All professional and amateur film, movie and documentary projects use different stabilizers for camera. Still & video camera stabilizers are available in various shapes, sizes and as per requirements. For camcorder video camera stabilization, various options available are camera ribbon, shoulder mount, hand held, battery mount, hand grips, hands free, mini motion, tripods & monopods, DSLR, steady stick, stealth, sniper, flying, recoil, various sliders, domes, rigs, glide, track hybrid, various stands, mounts, dollies, zibs, gliders, get moving and so on. Various camera stands used are monopod, tripod and also custom builds. Camera mounts includes seat post, tree mount, chest, adhesive, rotating, strap wall, pole, elbow, rotating mount and so on. Similarly camera sliders includes DSLR, stealth, cine, konova, glide track sliders and many more. Anyone having interest in photography or video recording should at least check these camera stabilizers, and for amateur films, movies and documentaries including professional and commercial users, camera stabilizers are must.