camera-steady-steadicamCamera stabilization can be very tricky especially to beginners  But if you are really serious in this field and wish to work in a professional and amateur movie or video projects someday, then you will have to be able to learn this trick. The first thing that you need is a camera stabilizer. Many of you might be thinking what is camera stabilizer? It is a device that is used to keep the camera steady and stable at all times. It makes sure that the camera does not shake as a result of your shaking hands. This way you will get a stable and perfect video with no shaky moments at all. So, if you want to get in the movie or video field, then you should learn how to work with the camera stabilizer. Even the slightest shaking of your hand can ruin the whole video. Let’s face it, while capturing the movie or video you will have to hold the camera for a long period of time. It may range from few minutes to few hours. So, ask yourself will you be able to hold the camera for such a long period of time without shaking it? If you are a human, then the answer would have to be ‘No’ at all because humans tend to get tired after some time. The pain from holding the camera can be quite a huge one. So, to prevent this, it might be a good idea to get a camera stabilizer.The kind of camera stabilization that you require depends on the kind of video or movie that are you are shooting. You might be trying to get a walking shot, slow shot or so on. Some of the shots might not require the camera stabilizer, but for some of them it might be a must. While purchasing any kind of stabilizer you might want to consider its price, portability and weight. You should purchase the stabilizer that is portable and have a light weight because it would make it easier for you to carry them around.