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steady-cam-stabilizerHandheld shots in video projects can mostly go wrong, especially when an individual wants controlled, slow camera movements. Camera stabilizers are used to externally stabilize or control the camera body which minimizes camera shakes, blurs, jitters and saves a lot of time and production cost. Stabilizers are specifically used for shots which have pan and tilt movement.  Steadicam, Tripods, Cranes, Dolly, Camera Sliders, Jib Crane, Camera Rig are a few types of camera stabilizers which are popular among professionals. Tripods are the most common and popular stabilizing device used by professionals as well amateurs all over the world. It provides stability against small movements taken along the horizontal as well as vertical axes. Steadicam is a device used to control handheld shots. It can bring out smooth movements even when the operator is moving quickly over an uneven surface.  Dolly is a very popular device used to track shots. It is a wheeled platform pushed or pulled on rails while the picture is being taken. This device is capable of tracking or following a subject which is in motion. Besides the heavy, expensive dollies used for professional shoots, there are small, light weight dollies which available which can be used for a small budget shoot. Camera Sliders are also another form of dolly. They are small and light and quite convenient to use. Also, the friction is lesser. Jib or Cranes are ideal for dynamic vertical movements. They can be compact as well as huge. Jibs can help you achieve some really artistic and angled shots which cannot be achieved otherwise. Floating Stabilizers are capable of out smooth camera movement while the operator is walking. It is ideal for a follow through shot.  Camera Rig is another very popular method used for stabilizing the camera. The Fig Rig is a popular camera rig used in films.