video-camera-stabilizer-systemHaving a stable camera for film shoots always poses a challenge. While shooting moving scenes, a cameraman may have to move through bumpy surfaces, deal with engine vibrations or muscle movements to keep the camera steady. Be it for a film, video or documentary; whether to be used by a professional cameraman or an amateur filmmaker, camcorder shakes can make an entire scene look flimsy and unprofessional. Shaky lenses not only distort the view to be captured, but also mar the quality of a picture. To reduce camera shakes and produce quality pictures and videos, camera stabilizers have found a large number of takers, both among professionals and amateurs. Camera stabilization is more than a skill and is often hard to achieve. The real test is when shooting a moving scene requires a bulky camera. A shaky picture sequence with a blurred focus will be hard to fit into a storyline that is targeted to achieve quality viewing. A solution is needed and it is available. A camera stabilizer has been developed with the purpose of achieving quality photography by stabilizing focus on objects. Available in various ranges, stabilizers easily balance bulky cameras and make mobilization easier. The Basics of camera stabilization. A camera stabilizer (hand-held or otherwise) is any device that is used for stabilizing the camera. Its advanced engineering allows a camera man to move the camera and capture stable videos. Preferred Features 1. It should be portable and compact. 2. It should permit the cameraman better maneuverability. 3. When not in use, the stabilizer should be designed to hang from ones belt. 4. One should be able to draw up the device quickly when needed at a moment’s notice. 5. It should be affordable. 6. The equipment should provide support to a camera at multiple points without much trouble. Camera stabilization systems should be able assist a cameraman in multiple shoots; be it an action shoot, a still one or a wildlife documentary. These equipments can be used in handheld mode, tabletop tripod mode, 3-point shooter mode or stabilizer mode