handheld-camera-stabilizer-for-dslrAnyone who has used a camera knows how frustrating it feels if they are not able to get a clear footage. The smooth gliding movement is one of the characteristics of a good production whether in videos, films etc. Although, the amateur producers cannot use large amounts of money in their production, nonetheless high quality videos and films remain their utmost target in order to penetrate the production industry. Camera stabilizer also referred as camera mount is the machine that holds the camera to reduce camera shakes while in use. The amateurs must learn how to use the stabilizers effectively. An example of a stabilizer that can be used by amateurs is the picosteady camera stabilizer. This is because it affordable and easy to use.The camera should be attached to the stabilizer using the camera mounting screw. It is important to place the center of gravity of the camera close to the ball joint axis. This is done by sliding the screw and the camera in the camera slot. When using a light camera, the long mounting screw can be used to add weight at the top of the picosteady as well as improving stability. The crucial part in using the camera stabilizer is to know how to balance it. This is done by slightly undoing the dog bone brass thumbnut and aligning the dog bone with the axis of the picosteady. The dog bone thumbnut should be tightened though taking care not to over tighten. After that then install the counterweights on the dog bone and tighten the brass thumbnut. When using the camera stabilizer it is important to ensure that the camera is held at eye level probably with a distance of 12-20 inches away from the face. It is recommended to keep the knees slightly flexed to transmit minimal movements to the camera while walking. Comfortable shoes also help to reduce this movement.