smartphone-mini-stabilizersLet’s face it, smart phones have replaced the stand-alone camera and camcorders of yesteryear. Whether we are recording our children’s milestones, grandma’s birthday party or simply commemorating some time out with friends, we’re doing it with our smart phones. Unfortunately, most of the videos we take suffer from shakiness that can really get in the way when it comes time to relive a cherished event. Every professional videographer makes use of some variety of camera stabilizer, camera dolly or a track slider to get the right effect and keep things looking smooth so that viewers can effortlessly enjoy viewing the content instead of straining to focus on what it is they’re watching. Today’s marketplace is meeting consumer demand for better smart phone camera video quality in the form of an ever-increasing variety of smartphone camera stabilization systems including hand-held stabilizers, small-scale wheeled dollies and even track sliders made specifically for smart phones!  One such product that has been reviewed very favorably by users is the Woxom Slingshot Smartphone Video Stabilizer. It will fit nearly any smartphone, can be held in the hand or propped up on it’s pop-out legs and you can even unscrew it from it’s handle and mount it onto a traditional tripod for maximum stabilization. It is available from B&H Photo Video for a modest $19.95. The Pico Flex Portable Camera Dolly allows you to mount your smartphone onto a wheeled device to make following your ground-level subject easier than ever. Imagine being able to follow your child’s first crawl or steps around the living room while maintaining excellent video quality. Featuring an 11″ articulating friction arm that adjusts to almost any angle, a base constructed of 1/4″ thick aluminum for extra durability and wheels that turn smoothly and evenly, this dolly should function as advertised and really serve to improve the quality of your images. At $119.95 from it isn’t cheap but who can put a price on those kinds of memories! If you’re thinking about getting all cinematic up in Uncle Frank’s 60th birthday bash, you could consider grabbing yourself a Glidetrack Mobislyder smartphone track slider. Featuring extreme portability and a compact design that still allows up to 14″ of travel, this device will have you tracking those shots like a Hollywood pro. The Mobislyder is available from B&H Photo Video for $94.95.