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steadicam shotsSteadicams work by connecting the camera to a stabilizing bar with a pivot in the middle and a counterweight at the bottom of the device. Insert one of the end caps into the vise and tighten until the end cap is firmly secured. Use the ¼-inch drill bit to drill a hole directly in the center of the end cap. Repeat this process with the second end cap. Insert a lock washer onto each bolt and insert the bottom of each bolt into the bottom of each end cap. The tread from the bolts should be protruding from the end caps. Place a lock washer onto the end of the bolts. Tighten the external lock washers with a wrench to prevent the bolts from loosening. Fasten an end cap to the PVC pipe by tightening the cap in a clockwise manner. Repeat this step with the other end cap and PVC pipe. Insert one of the bolts protruding from the end cap into a large washer. Turn the pipe so that the bolt and washer are facing up. Insert the bolt into the hole on the 2.5-lbs. barbell weight and place the final washer on top of the barbell weight. Thread the lock nut onto the bolt and tighten firmly. Drill a hole directly into the center of the gyroscope bowl using the ½-inch drill bit. Insert the threaded end of the PVC pipe attached to the 2.5-lbs. weight into the hole in the bowl. Secure the pipe to the bowl by threading one end of the cross-joint onto the PVC pipe and tighten the cross-joint clockwise until the pipe is firmly secured. Screw the threaded end of the other pvc pipe into the top of the cross-joint in a clockwise manner until the pipe is firmly secured into the cross-joint. Attach the DSLR camera to the top of the steadicam assembly by placing the camera’s tripod attachment over the ¼” bolt at the top of the pvc pipe and tighten the camera until the camera fits snugly against the bolt. Tracking shots add movement and energy to all movies, both amateur and professional. To generate steady, crisp and clear tracking shots, a camera operator needs to use a steady cam. Though they can be expensive, steady cams are not limited to professionals with exorbitant amounts of cash.