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introductory steadicamIn recent years, online videos have become an essential part of our lives. People use these for entertainment purposes, a means to keep in touch with others in the most live-like form possible, as a business marketing strategy, a medium for learning and several other uses. However, for those who may be new in the videography world, this may become a daunting and taxing task. So, here are some basic tips that could help beginners create a professional quality video. Before anything else, you need to have a camera or a camcorder before you could shoot a video. If you plan to purchase one, then take time to search for reviews on the product you plan to buy. It is also good to choose a camera that can shoot 1080p videos. While there are several video-sharing sites that are great at 720p, a 1080p will be much better. Who would want to watch a clip that is not steady? A shaky footage will not only create motion sickness for your viewers but it will also scream of amateurism. Stabilizing your camera is very important to keep the focus on the subject matter. This could be achieved with a stabilizing device such as a tripod. While obtaining a tripod means additional expense, it certainly is a good investment and very helpful especially when you will be shooting lengthy footages. Another very useful equipment is a steadicam. This will capture better clips while moving around with your camera and makes your video even more interesting than from a single-angle perspective of a tripod. It is really annoying to hear unnecessary background noises or buzzing sounds in a video. Whether it is the wind blowing or noisy children, a bad audio could completely ruin a footage. Do sound checks before you shoot anything. The use of external microphones is also good because it can capture quality sounds. Bottom line is, make sure your audience could clearly hear whatever you want them to hear. After shooting a video, it is advisable to edit it. There are several available editing software and applications that allow one to improve the overall looks of the clip. These also give you the opportunity to incorporate special effects. You can add other elements such as an intro or an outro to make it more interesting. Do experiments until you come up with what you want to achieve. Shooting a quality video takes time and a lot of practice. Remember, not everything is done perfectly the first time. Continuous practice will not only hone your skill but will also provide you the opportunity to discover and develop several new techniques that will further help you come up with quality videos. Creating a quality video that will capture the attention of an audience certainly requires skill and effort. It is not done with just a few clicks here and there. However, like all other skills, this could be learned and further developed with the help of the different equipment and tools available, and of course with continuous practice.