Field Trips

video-camera-stabilizerThe church is silent. The vows have been stated. Mother is crying, and father might have a tear in his eye. This is a beautiful day for all.  In these modern times, wedding couples feel the need to have a wedding video to remember their special day. No one can blame them, wedding videos are beautiful and romantic methods of remembering weddings. However, the romanticism of the videos can be impeded in a number of ways; the most impeding is a shaky video. The average camcorder weighs 4-6 lbs, and although this doesn’t seem heavy, holding and pointing 6 lbs for hours really weighs down a wedding videographer’s arms, which results in a shaky video. A videographer cannot manually stabilize video shots, they require video camera stabilizers such as camera stands and camera mounts. These items are extremely important in keeping a video stable. Camera tripods form a triangular base. It is geometrically known that the triangle is the strongest shape. Thus it results in the tripod being a very stable object for a camera to be on. A lot of movie editor softwares such as iMovie and Final Cut Pro have an option called “stabilize video“. It is exactly what it sounds like; a software that attempts to stabilize a shaky video (after the shaky video has been taken). The final result is an awkward looking video that is still mildly shaky. This might be enough for some people, but wedding videos deserve to be perfect. They deserve to be given special care by being filmed with proper equipment. Take example from movie sets; all of the cameras are placed on giant mounts to keep them cameras stable. As an audience, we enjoy watching stable film, and we get disturbed when we see a shaky movie (some reasons why low-budget movies aren’t very successful). Wedding videographers are important in capturing the romance of a wedding, and stabilizers are crucial to making a video a good one. If you’re going to pay for a wedding video, you might as well invest in stabilizers to make it a beautiful wedding video.