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camera-stabilizer-filmCamera stabilizers help in avoiding jittery shots which in some cases can give your audience dizzy spells and migraine attacks. The use of these videography gear will help you to avoid wasting time during the editing of shots. The advantages of using camera stabilizers is that they provide solid support and stability. With the use of a stabilizer, you do not need to hold your hands still as you use the camera. This in turn allows you to capture footage easily and quickly. Versatility is also one of the merits of these state of the art photography gadgets. Most stabilizers will allow you to attach important tools such as strobes and microphones for your video footage. This is what makes the them a very important tool in professional video making industry. Stabilizers for camera also give a better positioning. You do not have to worry about having a shoulder or arm strain that could result from adjusting the camera or tilting your body so as to get a desired position. As the photography and videography business continues to grow, camera manufactures develop innovative gadgets that will provide convenience and practicality to photography and film making enthusiasts. It is also important that you are aware of the different types of stabilizing systems so you can decide which one suits your requirements. Handheld Stabilizers. This is the easiest stabilizer to use and assemble. You just need to attach your video camera and you are ready to go. You hold it in front of you in the same way you would hold a handle or stick instead. They are effective for holding the camera still while climbing stairs, walking or running. Vest stabilizers. With these stabilizers, you connect them to your waist or vest such that you have your hands free for maneuvering the camera. In most instances, these stabilizers usually have controls and handles attached to both hands. Light stabilizers. These are lightweight stabilizers and are meant to be carried. It is mostly used for heavy cameras over long shoots such as company events, funerals or weddings. However, these stabilizers do not carry so much weight. Your camera should therefore be light enough for it.