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mini-camera-stabilizer-for-smartphonesThere has been much advancement in the field of camera technology in the past couple of years such as image stabilization systems, high image resolution, fast shutter speed and more. There are also many camera types to choose from ranging from the ultra compact to DSLR camera. Different cameras are perfect for different projects and purposes. Amateur photographers can either opt for a mini camera or a professional camera depending on the type of pictures they desire. Mini cameras are convenient for times when one wants to capture a moment instantly at just the right pose or event. They also can be used as spy gadgets and are more affordable compared to professional cameras. They are easy to install and also convenient to use. Go for mini cameras that have superb picture quality. A professional camera allows large pixels and also faster shutter speeds thereby producing clearer images with less noise. Additional features include viewfinder, auto exposure bracketing and auto focus. However, they can be very expensive and therefore, you should go for the right camera for you and which is within your budget limit. One of the most indispensable camera accessories that is a must-have for any amateur film maker is a camera stabilizer. This accessory is primarily used to maintain the stability of the camera as you take a video footage; thereby, expanding your camera capabilities to capture high quality images at different ground levels, positions, complicated situations. Currently, there a wide range of brand lines of camera stabilizers for one to choose from. Each one of these camera rig brands has their unique features and benefits to suit individual preferences and needs for various users. These video camera stabilization equipment include DSLR rigs, camcorder rigs and POV rigs.