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dslr-camera-stabilizerThere are instances that taking sharp and stable photos with your DSLR camera become difficult. A good example is taking a photo with a high zoom lens; even the tiniest movement can result to a blurry photo. The reason behind this blurriness is that while the shutter is open and taking a photo, the image on the sensor moves along together with the camera as it moves, resulting in a blurry image. This is where a digital camera stabilizer can be a great help and solving such problem. When it comes to winning blurry image, the solution is eliminate movements. You can easily accomplish this by placing the camera in a stable surface or use a tripod whenever you are taking a photo. However, there are some situations that this may be impossible. An example would be taking photos of fast objects using a high zoom. In instances that are very difficult to eliminate camera movements, then there other solutions that may be employed to avoid blurry images. The idea is, rather than eliminating camera movements, to let the camera sensor compensate for the movement. Such kind of solutions is also known as digital camera stabilizer. When it comes to the implementation of digital camera stabilizers, there are different styles. Manufacturers keep their exact implementation details a secret to prevent competitors from copying it. However, there are basically two mechanism involved in image stabilization implementation – Detection and Compensation. Detection is the part of the mechanism that detects the movement while you are shooting a photo. Compensation is the part of the mechanism that compensates for the detected movements. When these two elements are combined, this will significantly reduce the symptoms of blurry images. Conclusion Getting sharp images is not always easy. There are instances that it becomes difficult such as shooting a photo with a moving object in high zoom lens. Thankfully, with the help of digital camera stabilizers, it is still possible to take sharp photos without the need of a tripod or stable surface.