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wildlife-photography-camera-stabilizerA camera stabilizer is a must-have for photographers and videographers. The purpose of this piece of equipment is to prevent blurry images due to shaky hands, especially at low shutter speeds or long focal lengths, which require the use of larger and heavier DSLR camera lenses. It is not always convenient to use a tripod in the photography business, as photographers often prefer the freedom to move around in order to get the perfect shot. By stabilizing the light path, the camera can expose the necessary light for that clear and blur-free image. To put simply, two built-in sensors in cameras are able to detect both horizontal and vertical movements. When movement is detected, a signal is sent to the camera’s prism, which then moves in the opposite direction, thus allowing the camera’s sensor to absorb light without change to its path.¬†Lens and anti-shake are two types of internal camera stabilization systems. The former uses the lens to counter movement, whereas the latter counters movement by increasing the shutter speed. Mounted and weighted are two types of external camera stabilization systems. They both work by providing a larger surface area in which to hold onto, as well as distributing weight evenly. Every photographer knows that a solid grasp of the camera, combined with evenly distributed weight, not only limits hand movement, but also prevents tiredness due to weight of equipment, thus eliminating shaky hands. Weighted stabilizers are actually used in combination with mounted pieces by videographers, who need the added weight on their larger video cameras in order to prevent imbalance.¬†Camcorder carries and offers a variety of name brand imaging equipment at great prices, including both internal and external camera stabilizers of high quality. A definite must have for both professional and amateur photographers and videographers who aim to produce only the best quality photographs and movie projects.