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spider dolly for beginnersMany video cameras consist of some form of camera stabilization technology. Image stabilization minimizes the blur in your video that is caused by shaky hands or motion. Image stabilization is very important for all camcorders, however it is very important in camcorders to have long optical zoom lenses. Whenever a lens is zoomed out to its utmost magnification, it becomes very vulnerable to even the small motion. Image stabilization, sometimes is called IS, helps steady images from camera shake. IS can be digital, optical or dual. Image stabilization is very important for cameras with large zoom lenses. Optical imagef=””>camera stabilization is the best type of IS since it can actually move the parts of the camera to prevent for camera shake. Many recent DSLR camera models now contain IS, but not all of them provide optical IS. Optical image stabilization is the most efficient form of image stabilization. Camcorders with optical image stabilization usually feature tiny sensors within the lens that swiftly shift bits of the lens glass to off-set your motion. An image stabilization technologies are considered optical if it comes with a moving factor inside the camcorder lens. Some camcorder companies let you turn optical image stabilization on and off, or contain several settings to compensate for various types of camera movement. Not like optical systems, digital image stabilization utilizes software technology to lessen the impact of shaky hands on your video. Depending on the model, this can be done in many ways. Some cameras will calculate the impact of your body movement and use that data to modify which pixels on the camcorder’s image sensor are used. For consumer digital camcorders, digital image stabilization is normally not as effective as optical stabilization. Considering that, it’s good to look closely when a camcorder claims to have image stabilization. It may only be of the digital variety. Some companies put a brand name on their camera stabilizers. Sony calls it Super SteadyShot while Panasonic calls theirs Mega O.I.S. Each have their nuances but they work as the same function. Whatever the case, it is best to expert behind the marketing terms and take a look at the specs. It should indicate whether a certain camcorder has optical or digital stabilization.