Overtime Claims

camera-stabilizer-rig“Portability” is the main factor when choosing a hand-held device. But considering a handheld camera stabilizer could make a big difference in the effect and quality of the film. Some may find tripods and stabilizer dreadful. They are heavy, bulky and to a certain extent a pain to carry around. For amateur photographers, much consideration is put in when deciding to purchase one. But sets them back is the affordability of this types of videography gear. But take a minute. Consider some pointers that may actually change some negative perceptions about camera stand or stabilizers. A good point of having a camera stand is that it helps you capture things that you aren’t able to. It could dramatically enhance the outcome of your film or image as compared to a hand held. As some professional film makers might say – “Any tripod is much better than no tripod.” Stabilizers hold the camera steady. One can choose to own a tripod at a hefty cost while some others don’t necessarily mind a cheap one. For as long as it performs what it is supposed to do, even a cheap tripod takes your film place otherwise impossible by a hand held.  There are many opinions and school of thoughts about owning a stabilizer. Owning an expensive stabilizer does not necessarily perform better than a cheap one. Depending on your affordability and usability, some may want a taller and sturdier tripod or stabilizer rather than a flimsy fabricated fibre. Reality check – a taller and sturdier means a heavier stabilizer. Imagine having to lug that along! Sometimes a smaller, light-weight, flimsy ones can actually take you miles when filming.  Pause for a moment and consider all factors when deciding to get one. It is always best to decide what is beneficial and just be sure of what it takes after owning one. But in any case if one is unsure, get the flimsy, cheap and maybe garage-bargained tripod for a start. If still in doubt, better check camera reviews to help you decide what is best for you. You can always upgrade to a taller and sturdier one as you move along. And you’ll be surprised that the flimsy one will still be the one you carry along in your road trips!