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camera-sliderOne of the most frustrating things in filming a video is camera shake. This usually happens when a video camera moves while the one holding is taking a shot. This problem is always experienced when the video camera or camcorder is handheld instead of placing it in a video stabilizer or any type of camera stabilizing system. Most modern professional camera can be very heavy and cumbersome. Sometimes, because of its sophistication, it is very difficult to make the camera steady while taking the shots which results to unnecessary camera shakes that shows up in the finished product. However, if you have a fast shutter camera, this shakes seldom happens. But for instances where there is low light, a fast shutter speed isn’t helpful for most part, so photographers will really need to look for other options to stabilize video footage. They could either opt for a camera with built in image stabilization features or invest in a camera stabilizer. Photographer will need to move quickly between shots so it is just wise to use solid stabilizing systems like Steadicam or Blackbird Camera Stabilizer. These photography gadgets can be quite expensive but they can really help produce film-like quality videos. There are some online photography retails shops that usually offer cheap camera stabilizer that is decent enough for simple video shoots. If you are on a tight budget, you can actually create your own homemade camera stabilizer. Some photographers still use tripods to keep their camera steady but this is not ideal if you are moving with your camera. If you have seen photographers who are covering a sports or fashion events, they usually move quickly between shots and they’re not using tripods, instead a handheld stabilizer so they can move freely. So if you are really serious about improving your videos, consider investing in a stabilizing system and bring your shots to a different level.