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dollyThere are several important factors that you must consider before buying a camera dolly track.This is also another camera stabilizer system used by professional photographers. A reliable camera dolly should offer a smooth camera transition or movement.  Remember this must be your number one priority when choosing any brand or model. Additionally, you should always consider the pricing as a basis for quality. Always keep in mind that not all  expensive videography gear are efficient for your specific film production. Whether you need one that performs well on a round track or you want a camera dolly that offers high utility value on square track; always ensure that you look at type of control systems it contains. There are two main types of dollies available on the market today. These are the studio dollies which are used with heavy professional cameras and the light weight dollies that is perfect for beginners. . These two always differ in terms of operation and quality. While studio dollies are a little bit complex and include some complicated mechanism, the light weight dollies are simple and easy to operate. The best thing is to go for one that can be used by both professionals as well as amateurs. This is a perfect equipment for anyone who wants to make it in the film industry. So before placing your order,make sure that the product have features that will suit your requirements. An ideal dolly should be easy to configure in different ways. This includes being configured as a camera slider, door way dolly, and even tracking dolly. The dolly should be quiet and smooth when being used as this will save you tons of time editing the final product. A camera dolly that offers rotating offset, low mode, standard mode, and camera offset is of high quality. Additional features in its package should include different types of boards, carry handles, and seats.