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diy-filmmaking-camera-stabilizerIt’s not often that a piece of videography gear generates as much buzz as Freefly’s new Movi M10. Freefly has been producing professional grade camera stabilizers and cinema hexacopters for years but Movi is the company’s most innovative product to date.  Steadicam has long been the industry standard but requires cumbersome vests and counterweights. There is also the added costs of additional gear that must be used alongside steadicam and the equipment’s steep learning curve. Movi was designed to be easy to use from the start and the real time bluetooth connection allows for even more control. Using Movi, a single camera operator can hold the camera while another person sets up the framing using the bluetooth remote system. Critics argue that Movi is just another gimmick that will never be able to replace steadicam. For starters, they maintain that without torso support, operator fatigue will be a major issue. The truth is, Movi weighs just 3.5 pounds and the whole set up with most cameras is only 10 pounds. The $15,000 pricetag is another concern since in certain cases steadicam rental would prove to be cheaper. However, on longer shoots, Movi is definitely less expensive. When you take into consideration that it can replace both dolly and steadicams, Movi is clearly the most affordable option. For now, Movi is well outside the price range of most amateur filmmakers but a new unit geared specifically towards DSLR cameras is in the works. The price for the budget model is set to be about half of what the Movi M10 sells for and this is what has so many indie filmmakers talking. In the same way that DSLR technology made cameras affordable, Movi looks to do the same for image stabilization by making it possible for anyone to pull off amazing camera shots. Professionals are equally excited because this new light weight system will enable operators to shoot between objects go places steadicam can’t. Freefly calls Movi “The New Moving Picture” and it is clear that this gear is going to be a major player in the next generation of camera stabilizers.