mini-camera-stabilizerEver wondered how the professionals are able to click that perfect shot, which has crystal clear sharpness and clarity. More often than not they use camera stabilizers. One of the latest gadgets out there are stabilizers for your smartphones. With improved imaging technology, smartphones are well on there way to replace the conventional camcorders. However due to their small size its often difficult to maneuver the phones to get steady shot. These devices will ensure your smartphone videos are steady and stills crystal clear. So if your images and videos are often blurry, I suggest you use mini camera stabilizers specially made for smartphones.  There is a lot to choose from when it comes to camera stabilizers for smartphones. While tripod mounts gets a crystal clear shot out of a smartphone a handheld stabilizer is perfect for capturing fast-moving videos. Equipped with a spring loaded grip, the GripTight tripod mount is compatible with androids, I phones, Blackberry and Windows phone. Its grip holds the phone in place even in difficult angles, while fitting it to any standard camera tripod. Using a tripod to get a steady picture is a great idea when you don’t have to move around a lot. If you a want to capture that great skateboard move you have just learned, you might want to go with a steadicam smartphone stabilizer. The Slingshot comes equipped with a handle and a tabletop tripod and is great for fast actions shots. Another great device for fast actions shot is the Isteady Lensee smartphone stabilizer. Made from feather-light composite materials, the Isteady is a great device to capture a mobile shot. The Isteady features a light weight brass handle made specifically to keep smartphones and camera devices steady during a difficult shot. The Lensee Isteady is compatible with all the latest I phones and android phones.