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light-weight-camera-stabilizerAt some point, most of us are aware of the benefits of using a camera stabilizer system or a tripod and how it can affect the sharpness of the photos. This may be true. But most of us are not comfortable of the idea of dragging a heavy tripod with us, especially if you are going to a crowded event. Or perhaps you are taking a 5 mile hike just to get to your desired destination to capture nature’s beauty.  The whole idea of using a camera stabilizer is to provide extra support to your DSLR camera. Some people thought that by holding the camera with their hands with their elbows to their side will make their camera steady.  This actually provides no support at all and usually results to blurry pictures or videos. For those who are on a tight budget, you can try DIY camera mounts or use your arms to form your own camera stand.  Just tuck your arms in tightly to your chest. Also proper breathing techniques can contribute to sharper images. For covering a sporting event a Steadicam or any stabilizer for camera is the most ideal. You can brace your camera to your body or any solid surface so as you move, your camera also moves along with you steadily getting rid of any blurry images. Some camera stabilizing systems doesn’t come cheap. Usually the light-weight varieties are the most costly ones, but they can bring the quality of your photos to a more professional level. You don’t need a heavy professional camera to produce sharper images as long as you provide a stable support for your camera. Having a camera stabilizer in your bag will replace heavy and burdensome tripods for casual, walk-around use. You can also put a tension string if you are using cameras with heavy lenses. Just tie one end of the string around the toe of your shoe and one end around the lens of the camera. Pull up the string slightly with your arms on proper position. This technique will also get rid of unnecessary camera shakes as long as there is tension on the string. Lastly, practicing and applying these techniques will help sharpen your photography skills. Stop worrying about blurry images no more and aim for award winning photographs.