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steadicam indoorsOne of the basic differences between SLR digital cameras over Film Cameras is that SLR digital Cameras give you the big advantage of viewing the pictures that you have taken right after you took them which you can’t do with film cameras. Also for SLR digital cameras, you worry only about batteries. While the Film cameras, of course, additional films. For Film Cameras, you would have to bring your films to a shop to have them developed then you can view it. This will mean additional cost and take more of your time and effort. Of course it is an obvious fact that Film Cameras require films that are quite a hassle to bring around. It also means extra money to purchase a film let alone having it developed when you are done. Also the unavailability of films in places when you are traveling. And reloading new films on a Film Camera once you run out takes time and sometimes make you miss those “precious moments”. When taking pictures with Film Cameras sometimes results with exposed parts of the pictures which, no matter how nice the scenery is, are always been dismay contrary to the SLR Digital Cameras which has photo quality, flexibility and most importantly speed? Also you get to edit your photos after viewing them and choosing the best ones due to the faster frame rate of DSLR’s which enables you to take multiple pictures before, during, and after a given moment choosing the best one you like and discarding the rest. And it does not cost a single film it just takes up space in the memory card or chip or CCD but you can ease that up by deleting the ones you do not like. Very convenient for aspiring photographers or for people who want the best moment even though they are not that highly skilled in photography. In a film camera burst features is not desirable unless you are making a living out of it. It is a waste of film and sometimes if not equipped with an image stabilizer will give you a series of blurred images. Most film cameras does not have a digital viewer or LCD, unlike the Digital SLR, which means you have to look through the peephole and make sure you got the image in view before taking the shot. You sometimes end up straining your facial muscles after long periods of looking through the peephole. Not to mention the continuous twisting of the lens to get the focus you desire. Yet the SLR digital camera focuses twice faster than film cameras. Assuming you have to really do everything manually on a Film Camera. The SLR digital camera has a very convenient digital screen or LCD on the camera which gives you the full advantage of the words. Lastly, is the fact that SLR Digital Cameras has the technology to give you clearer, crisper, with much better detail and color reproduction since it has larger built-in sensors and have higher resolution compared to that of a Film Camera.