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Using a tripod helps to achieve sharp, clean focus in photographs, but when that is impractical, a handy, beanbag camera support may be a better answer. Buy one or make your own, filling it with any of various types of filler. Producing excellent photographic images, whether for personal or professional use, involves good composition, correct lighting exposure and sharp, perfect focus. Unfortunately, even if you have the greatest photo elements, perfectly composed with superb lighting, if the image is blurry or out of focus, everything else really does not matter. Shaky, hand-held shots can ruin your images. If you read articles on how to take great photos, you will inevitably see the suggestion to use a tripod (or bipod or monopod) to hold and stabilize your camera and avoid camera shake, the nemesis of photography. But what do you do in a situation where a tripod is impractical? If you are shooting exteriors on a windy day, even if you sand-bag or stake the tripod legs, you still risk having the whole thing blow over with possible disastrous damage to your camera and tripod. If the terrain is uneven, leveling the tripod legs can be a nightmare. And again, the tripod can overbalance and topple over. Perhaps you have the perfect shot in your viewfinder, but you are on the edge of a precipice or cramped alongside or behind a wall or other solid object where there just is not enough room to set up a tripod. Or maybe you are shooting pets, toddlers, plants or insects and your best angle is low or ground level. The solution to the precarious, cramped or low-to-ground level shooting angle problem? Pull a beanbag camera support out of your camera bag and you will have a steady shooting surface that will fit in, on, under or around just about anyplace. Perch it on a rock, a wall, a fence, a chair, stool or table; rest it on your car hood, roof or window, a tree limb, outside on the ground or inside on the floor. It is practically limitless where you can utilize this handy gadget. Taking this concept a step further, what are your options when choosing the type of beanbag support to use? If you spend some time researching on the Internet, try to Google topics such as camera beanbag support, camera support systems or camera support bags. You may be surprised at how many different choices of products as well as shapes and sizes are available to suit your particular needs. For example, you can find round, square, rectangular, saddle and sling types.