stabilizer-for-sports-photographyTired of shaky, blurred footage’s while making videos from your smart-phone! Here is the solution to turn your amateur moves into a professional tone. The mini camera stabilizers of smart phones can help to shot stable and smooth videos. Different varieties depending upon the size of camera are given below: 1. Hague Mini Motion Cam. The Hague camera stabilizer with smart phone camera mount stabilizes the system and enables the video camera of your I-Pod or I-phone to give super smooth footage. This is suitable for most smart phones and I-pods which have cameras between 0.3 kg to 0.8 kg. It is easy to set up and eliminates camera shakes. The mount holds the phone in a horizontal position. It has adjustable height up to 66 mm and is designed for round curve mobiles also. The stabilizer is very light weighed made of aluminum.  2. Rhino Steady camera stabilizer. This is a lightweight camcorder to balance extremely lightweight smart phones. Tripod adapters are used to attach the phone to the rhino steady. The configuration includes bottom weight caps which are replaced with much lighter plastic caps. The camera is attached to the middle channel with help of mini steady weight. It is suitable for cameras which weigh up to 0.25 lb. Large cameras can be easily balanced by this device. 3. Pico Steady Video Stabilizer. This device is cheap and light-weighed so it solves the initial problems of expensiveness and bulky stabilizers. Pico steady stabilizer shoots professional images and is suitable for a wide range of cameras. Balancing it is easy as counterweights can be used. It is designed for any type of camera of smart phone and I-phone. It work great for ultra light-weight and compact size cameras which weight up to 180 g. It comes with a universal mount improves the footage’s you shoot. Moreover it is affordable and durable.