iphone-camera-stabilizerHas it ever happened that your movie making prowess with the iPhone has led to motion sickness for your viewers? Do you feel that the main reason why your carefully planned in-your-face action sequences of a friend’s skateboarding adventure gone wrong or your grand mom’s ninetieth birthday party antics is not making it to the Funniest Home Videos is because you are unable to keep the iPhone steady in your hand while shooting such potentially money-making video footage? Have no fear because the iSteady iPhone camera stabilizer is here. If the manufacturers are to be believed, this device will soon have you cashing in on the hard work that you put in behind preparing the delicate and intricately planned home videos. For a sum amounting to not more than US$ 100, your iPod nano or iPhone gadgets can be attached to this device in order to give you your very own Hollywood-style “steady cam.” Only after you use it will you believe the difference that the iSteady Shot can bring to regular iPhone video making experience. The iSteady Shot is not small enough to fit into your pocket along with your iPhone but nevertheless, it is quite small. It measures only seven inches in length when folded up and extends to a full length of 12.25 inches. It is also extremely light to carry around, weighing only 1.24lb.  This camera stabilizer has been made out of plastic, stainless steel and aluminium belonging to an aircraft grade. Manufactured in the US, adjustments can be made on it so that it fits an iPhone with a case as well as an iPhone 3GS and the 5th Gen iPod nano. The biaxial setup allows for a smooth 360 degree movement and the product is made available in the market as a fully balanced and assembled gadget such that one only needs to connect, point and shoot. Final word from the manufacturers suggest that few tweaks are still being made to the design with the product expected to available in the market at around the Christmas period.