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best glide camMany experienced photographers would even suggest that a tripod is more important than what camera you have or your level of photographic skill. Relying on steady hands, built-in stabilization, or cranking up (the grain-producing) iso simply won’t cut it when it comes to for example low light landscape photography. In many situations you want maximum depth of field and if you want the best image quality, you do not want to play with the ISO. The only solution is using a sturdy camera support. Until recently though, the problem with tripods was that they were bulky and heavy. Luckily, carbon-fiber and ultralight metals have come down in price and should be within reach of any enthusiast photographer. Camera shake is the nr.1 reason why many people never get that extra oomph out of their images. Not being able to maximize depth of field is another big reason. Not taking time to compose and think the image through is another big reason for sloppy tourist snaps. All of these problems are helped by taking a tripod along as you travel. You don’t have to use a full-size model, any camera support is better than nothing – just make sure that you get something that is built to hold your camera weight in a steady manner. Some people think that the smaller the camera the easier it is to keep stable when taking a picture. The fact is that the lighter the camera – the more difficult it is to hold still and shake blur is very common with compacts and smartphones. The simple solution is a small camera tripod or support that fits in your bag – or even pocket. Benro Travel Angel is a model that came out before this one and it has seen massive rugged use in the field. It still works like new. The compact Benro shown here is their latest carbon travel tripod which is similar to mine, but also has the feature of being a tripod and a monopod in one. The design is pure genious and you simply detach one of the legs and fasten the ballhead to it. Look for the best travel tripod if you look at number of sales. Get the full-size tripod but that is a matter of taste. What makes the tripods so popular are the flexible legs that allow you to wrap around and seek support on almost any surface. The weight difference is minimal so go for one size bigger than the specifications.