camera-stabilizer-systemAmong the the most important tools that a professional or amateur photographers or film makers must have is a camera stabilizer. This videography gear is specifically used to maintain the camera at a stable position as you take your video footage. This is particularly essential for enhancing the capabilities of your camera in capturing high quality images in different complicated situations, position and ground levels. There are different brands, model and designs of camera stabilizers on the market today, which makes it difficult to find the best one that can help you meet your needs. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best camera stabilizers on the market together with their advantages.Sniper 1080 KS. This is uniquely designed POV rig that can be paired with a small DSLR Canon Rebel. It is very effective for capturing an up-close footage in different angles. If you intend to send the live feed of your footage to your iphone then you may also require other accessories e.g. the TROL articulating arm that has an x-shot iphone case. It also comes with a quick plate that is usually easily broken down to enable storage. Prime DSLR Rigs. If you are fond of Canon 7D, Canon 60D, 5D Mark III or 5D Mark II then this stabilizer is the perfect choice for you. They have been designed to support a maximum of 7.5 pounds DSLR camera together with its accessories. It features modifiable quadpod stabilizing platform with an easy to handle design as well as an anodized aluminum (airplane grade) body. This camera stabilizer can also be used with any camera models made by Panasonic. Moose Rig. This was specifically designed for videographers and expert video/film makers. It is characterized by its dual combine articulating arms which creates a pretty robust 2 handed rig that can withstand 17 pounds of camera and accessories. Therefore, if you have ultra-professional camera e.g. Red Epic or Red Scarlet, then this stabilizer offers the best solution for you. All these three camera stabilizers share 3 things in common i.e. versatility, stability and best positioning. Versatility: This three camera stabilizers differs from the others in that; while most camera stabilizers comes with only a universal mounting plates, these 3 rigs also enables you to attach other equipment’s e.g. strobes and microphones hence making them the best for the video industry and for professional film making. Improved positioning: All this 3camera stabilizers also prevents you from shoulder, neck or arms strain caused by the act of adjusting the camera or tilting your body as you try to achieve that perfect position. Greater stability: This is one of the main and important benefits that these stabilizers offer. With these tools you need not to worry about keeping your hands still.