camera-stabilizer-dslrWhen making documentaries, movies or films the quality of the picture is of great importance. To achieve great quality pictures, you need to have a camera with crystal clarity and brings smooth picture movement. To realize these you need stability, ease of movement and clarity from your camera. The following equipment will be required: 1. Camera stabilizer. A camera stabilizer is a machine that keeps the camera in place when in use. It helps to eradicate any shaking when using the camera. Without the necessary equipment, the most basic camera stabilizer is the camera operators’ shoulders. Other camera stabilizers include tripod, which are used for films to reduce camera shake therefore achieving maximum sharpness. It also enables variation of heights when taking shots. 2. Dolly track camera. This is used in producing films for television, documentaries and movies. The dolly track may be wheels for amateurs or aluminum made tracks that allow for the back and for the movement of the camera for bigger productions. A camera dolly is a machine onto which the video camera is fixed and allows for the camera operator to ride it as they are shooting. 3. High Definition Camera They have a higher than normal resolution. In amateur film making they ensure that there is higher picture quality. It is also saves costs on film stock and is easy to shift the recording to editing systems for additional features. 4. DSLR mini camera. This camera will enable HD video capture. It will also provide better picture quality and will also have a wide angle of view. Some may also record in infrared and ultra violet rays of light. Some also have the capability of 3D photography. When making amateur films, movies or documentaries, quality is the big thing and as we have seen it can be easily and affordably achieved.