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glidecamWhile taking on a project such as filming a movie or a document, we are challenged with many choices in the area of equipment, starting with the brand of a camera we want to use and ending on what kind of lighting we need. One of the choices we need to make is on how we intend to record our project in the first place.  The video has to be fluid and camera needs to move fluently from one point of interest to the other. In order to achieve that, the easiest and most professional way is to use camera stabilizer. Thanks to this we’re allowed a much better performance with the camera, expanding our range of motion. The video is not shaking and quality of a final picture improves a lot. There are many kinds of stabilizers. The most common one, used in both picture and video cameras are stands. Build on a base of a tripod or monopod, with a screw on top which allows you to screw in the camera for best stabilization. At the amateur level a good choice is Hama Star 62 Tripod, which provides a good steadiness of a camera for a non-extravagant price. Another kind is a stabilizing platform which can be mounted for example on a vehicle. Thanks to this, fast moving scenes of your movie have a chance to really be fast moving. It takes a bit of practice to operate it smoothly, but the final result is worth it. Worthy of consideration is EasyGrip LG, which comes already with a mounting platform for the camera. If you’re an amateur filmmaker it’s a big plus that with this mount you don’t have to worry about putting together the clam for the vehicle and separately buy camera plate, which is often how those are sold.  Also available are stabilizers for filming inside the vehicle. The picture taken inside a moving vehicle could be also very shaky. That’s why Cruise Cam Short Bar is a great option, when you want to record in the car. The camera mount is installed to the headrest and helps your camera to achieve great and stable video. Right now, when we have an increased quality of camcorders and cameras built-in in the Smartphones, the next branch of camera stabilizers is designed. For example, Glidecam iGlide is a stabilizer created completely for use with Smartphone or a camcorder. It’s a hand-held device, that minimize the shaking-hand-factor for those of us, who just starts our adventure with a filmmaking. And also proves, that you don’t even have to have an expensive professional camera to record a quite good movie.