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steadycam-steadicamAre you a photographer with a shaky hand? Don’t worry, most people are. The best way to get clear photographs and smooth videos is to use camera stabilizers. What are camera stabilizers? Well, they can be anything that stabilizes your camera while you capture a moment. It can be your hand (if you have a steady one), a tripod, a Steadicam, or a nearby flat surface you can rest your camera on. There are a lot of professional camera stabilizers available in the market that do more than just steady your camera. Tripods for instance let you adjust the height of the camera, and if using panorama or video, allows you to pan and adjust the angle at which you take an image. The size of a tripod will depend on the size of your camera. There are small flexible ones available in the market for point and shoot cameras, and large professional camera that photographers use for glamour shots of your favorite celebrities. Steadicams are perfect for professional video cameras. You will see them at all the movie sets, sometimes even on trolleys. Steadicams help capture movement beautifully. High end professional ones even allow you to design camera movements say for instance Batman jumping off a rooftop to chase Joker. If you are short on budget and want that steady photo or video, look for camera stabilizers around you. In most cases, spotting the perfect flat surface is all you need to get a steady shot. For a group photo, look for a table or a wall, for a nature shot try mounting your camera on a branch of a tree. For a flying video shot, try attaching your camera to a hook and putting it on a rope. These amateur methods will help you build your photography and videography skills more than any professional equipment ever can.