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New camera stabilizers can change cinematographySmartphones have been designed with nice cameras. However, they rarely produce high quality pictures and films because of some reasons. Many people struggle mostly with very shaky playback and amateur looking videos and photos. This is probably because they are not using camera stabilizers while using their mini camera. There are so many different types of stabilizers. Each of the stabilizers has disadvantage and advantages and each can alter the quality of your pictures or videos. Therefore, different stabilizers would work differently depending on the kind of footage one would want. One can use a rig type stabilizer. These type of stabilizer is meant for capturing short moments and is mostly meant to capture videos which should not be more than 30 minutes . One can also use a shoulder rig stabilizer because they stabilize your photos and you videos to remove the perfect quality. When shooting through hallways, whether up or down the stairs, or maybe through any kind of terrain one may need a dolly rig. If dolly rigs are expensive, one can produce the same effect with a hand held stabilizer like a steadycam or maybe a gimbal device. Hand held stabilizers may be affordable but sometimes they might be heavy. Dollies are very useful especially in videos. When one wants to produce a nice video with good movements from one place to another, he definitely has to use a dolly. A gyroscope can also be used for stabilization. It is usually connected where the camera tripod mount would be, to counteract any shaking movements. After the footage is shot the movement will be so smooth and therefore will give a very high quality kind if video.  It is so amazing how your videos and photos can look much more professional just by adding some stabilizers. If you don’t have enough cash to invest in this, do a Google search and find out how it may be easy to make your own stabilizers and dollies.