Lelli Kelly

Handy Camera StabilizerThe battle of the mini camera stabilizers began at the preparations for the anniversary of our grandparents. Our gram and pappy are celebrating their 65th year of wedded bliss and the entire family wants to go all out in commemorating the event. Aside from hiring a professional photographer—granted, one from the neighborhood and a long-time friend of the family—we, the grandkids, decided to add more coverage for the even by giving the great grandkids the jobs of videographer. We admit that this is a dual-purpose idea. One is of course, to get the celebration on video and two, to settle some arguments over the merits of these small handheld camera stabilizers. Recruited for the job are three of the oldest great grandkids ages 9-12. Jeremy, Scout, and Attie will all be armed with an iPhone and a two of the iPod Touch with video. They are going to randomly select the camera stabilization gear they will use through the drawing of lots. Initially discussing this project among us, siblings and cousins, brought out so many camera stabilization accessories (who knew we all bought this kind of stuff?) to choose from but because of the ages of the would-be videographers, we decided to pare them down to the mini handheld types. This left us with the Sling Shot, Tiffen, 2 brand X types, and an I-steady by Lensse. So, the kids had five stabilizers to choose from—there we actually three more that among 18 of us cousins and their spouses could have lent out—but we found those a little too heavy for the kids. It’s a two weeks to the event. We’ve distributed the camera phones and will be having the lots drawn for the mini camera stabilizers this coming weekend. That will allow the kids about to weeks to practice taking video footage before the big day. Everyone is pretty excited both for the occasion and also for our “experiment” with the camera equipment and the kids. We’re sure to end up with very interesting, if not altogether professional-looking video.