Handheld Camera Stabilizer for iPhonesCapturing my child’s first steps on video was a big project in taking footage using a camera stabilizer. In this instance, I used a simple Canon digital camera mounted on a motorized track slider. What’s so special about this? Nothing really except that I found that this was the most effective way of shooting the video without my having to hold the camera or the handheld stabilizer I wanted to attach to it. Using the camera slider left me free to direct and assist my daughter as she tried to get up on her legs and take the tentative first steps. This is a project particularly important to me because I wanted to capture the moment and send it to my husband who is in the service. This is the only way he can share in the experience while in deployment. The video was a success. It’s not so much that the quality is fantastic, although I am sure that it came our so much better for having been stabilized, it’s that I actually got to do it at all and by myself. At the time I shot the video, there was no one around I could ask, trick, or cajole into hanging about until my kid decides to try to walk. I also tried to set up a regular tripod. It was my initial choice at camera stabilization. A friend let me borrow her professional-looking DSLR camera and tripod but in the end, I used another borrowed motorized track slider and used my own small camera. Going with my camera and the slider was the better choice. I set it up in living room coffee table and it had a good shot of the space where my daughter and I spent the afternoons. This setup was easier because I could easily reach the camera slider for any adjustment without getting up from my child’s side. The movement of the camera slider was great as well, it panned as it captured the action, something I would not have been able to do with the tripod-mounted camera.