Best Steadicam for FilmmakingCamera stabilizer systems are devices used by photographers to keep the camera steady. The digital camera’s shutter needs to be kept open for a longer period of time when shooting in a low light environment. When this period of time is long enough for any motions to happen the motions will reflect on the captured photo. Sometimes a motion capture in a photograph can add dramatic effects on the image but most of the time it is unnecessary. Photographers call it blur. These motions are caused by two possible reasons. First is the person or the object being captured is in motion or second, which can be prevented, that the camera or the person holding the camera has motion. These movements can be due to many reasons. The most common solution to this problem is by using a tripod however it’s not an easy one. It’s hard to set up and not very convenient especially when you are also carrying a heavy camera. It is sometimes a hassle carrying it around with you. While camera stabilizers especially handheld camera stabilizers are lightweight and easy to carry and best of all easy to set up. However, it also has its limitation; it doesn’t provide the stability a tripod does. But the best thing about handheld camera stabilizers is that you can control your camera at any angle you easy to capture objects in motion without affecting the quality of the photo. It can also be strapped to your body for easy capture especially when shooting videos. You can find stabilizers that are extendable and has a twist lock mechanism. These types enable the photographer to adjust the camera. This is really convenient because adjustments are really needed in shooting. There are expensive models like Blackbird camera stabilizer and Hague camera stabilizer, which are made of carbon fiber and they’re lighter. Using a camera stabilizing system does need a lot of practice and patience but once you have mastered equipment, it can be a very useful addition in your photography session. Not only that, it will also lessen the burden of the photographer in carrying a heavy camera. There are many type of camera stabilizing systems available in the market so just look around and also try to check camera review to help you think before you decide to buy.