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camera-stabilizer-reviewsA  camera stabilizer is an equipment used to hold cameras still and to avoid shaking. This enables the camera operator to capture still and smooth images. It can also be described as any tool or machine that is used externally to compensate for “camera-shake”. This tool could be a tripod stand, a steadicam, the operator’s hand or anything in between. In close photography, the use of rotation sensors to compensate for “camera-shake” is not sufficient in DSLR camera pointing directions. Moving the camera up and down or tilting it from left to right becomes noticeable especially if you are trying to adjust the millimeter-size resolution details on the object. Linear accelerometers are used together with the camera to correct both linear and rotational movements. There is nothing that ruins the quality of a good video as “camera-shake”. Camera sliders stabilize videos by enabling the cameras to capture steady videos and smooth pans. A high quality stabilizer should be well polished, cleanly assembled and milled, and its stabilization calibration to the weight system should be almost perfect for the best quality videos. The slider should have the following features: Durable, lightweight, portable, affordable, high extension resolution, support heavy cameras, rubberized adjustable feet, and smooth mount platform amongst others. A homemade camera stabilizer can be built by mounting the camera on top of an armature which is balanced by counterweights at the bottom of the armature. The counterweights are connected to a support vest at the center of their mass through an ISO-elastic arm and a gimbal. The various components that add the mass increase the cameras effectiveness in inertia and reduce shaking. This principle can help you in improving the stability of your camera by introducing additional weights to the armature. This is designed to accommodate large and professional video cameras. The overall principle requires the additional weights to be equal to the weight of the camera.