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best diy camera stabilizerThe next time you are going to watch your favorite movie, start thinkin about the different camera angles you’re seeing. Unlike our eyes, a camera is not fixed in a specific position at a certain height above the ground. Innovations in technology have made it possible for a camera to go just about anywhere. There are actually a lot of ways to start being more adventurous with you camera and videograpy. Get up on a ladder when in high angles; shoot out a window, on top of a building or anything. A birds-eye view allows a perspective that is totally fresh and unique from what we used to see. High angles may also be used to make the subject of a shot look smaller, allowing you to influence how the viewer interprets the subject. On the set of Citizen Kane, Orson Welles dug a hole in the floor so that he could shoot the actors from floor level in a scene. Low angle shot can also give a new perspective on a scene. It even make the subject look like its very tall and intimidating. Camera stabilizers are a brand name of stabilizer, which uses counterweights to make handheld camera movements smooth. By using a steadicam compared to a dolly allows for much greater movement, and makes it easy for the camera to follow a character around corners or through small spaces. A pan is a good way to break the cycle of shot or reverse shot of standard editing. You may use a pan to go from one character to another in a dialogue scene, however the process shouldn’t be overused in this way as you risk making the viewers nauseated with excessive panning back and forth. A tilt upwards is also an efficient way of showing something tall, and a tilt down will highlight how small something is. Point of view shots can be a very efficient way of creating tension. Horror and suspense films in particular use this method often to show the angle of the killer drawing near its unsuspecting victim. In the 1947 film noir Lady in the Lake, even went so far as to shoot the whole movie from the point of view of the main character. By changing the focal length on the camera and modifying its mid-shot, you are able to move the focus of the shot from one subject to another without editing. This method should not be overused but is useful for an occasional dramatic result.