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stabilizer-for-camera-filmmakingIt doesn’t matter if you are doing a student film project or if you are a professional film maker, using a camera stabilizer has endless possibilities. In fact using a camera stabilizer actually outweighs any traditional videography gear in so many wonderful ways.  One of them being the versatility. You can add in camera mounts at certain places and angles. You can also attach microphones to get a closer recording for various lines and sounds. You can also add in strobe lighting and so much more. Now for homeowners who are shooting a home movie a camera stabilizer may not be the best option. You can also create your own DIY stabilizer if your budget won’t allow for a brand new one. But for professional students and other film and video projects this is a tremendous value.  Another great thing about using a camera stabilizer is the stability. With other cameras you have to keep your hands focused and still while shooting certain scenes. With a stabilizer you won’t have to worry about that. What if you are shooting an action scene or some big dramatic moment? You can easily rotate the camera and move it to capture the scene without any difficulty. The rotation or movement comes in a very natural way which will result to a more sharper and clearer images. How about the positioning? What happens if you need to shoot really low scenes and than switch to really high scenes? Well you can relax because the camera stabilizer will be just the tool that you need to help you out. All you do is position the arm up or down, depending on what you need to film. This way you arms and neck will not be hurt or get tired. There are days on shoots when filmmakers constantly have to do different angles and positions. And your arms and neck can suffer because of this. With a camera stabilizer the arm will take care of all of that for you. That way you can worry about more important things.